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Delay in production

Due to events caused by the ongoing pandemic, a delay in production has recently been announced by multiple automakers. VDS keeps its partners updated, and we’re available for any questions you might have resulting the message below.

Automakers across the globe—including GM, Ford Motor Co, Toyota Motor Corp, FCA and Nissan Motor Co Ltd—are forced to cut vehicle production due to a shortage of semiconductors. Major auto chip suppliers struggle with a faster than anticipated rebound in demand, leaving a notable gap with the available supply of chips now and in the near future.

Demand for chips essential to auto production skyrocketed despite the ongoing pandemic, surprising chip suppliers with their supply and capacity not being up to par. Thus plants globally are forced to significantly cut their auto production, with several production and assembly plants being shut down until further notice.

VDS will keep its partners posted, as we closely monitor the situation. Anyone affected directly by the measures taken by automakers will be contacted, and can expect us to provide nothing less than the best possible service. As always.

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